LevelWest offers our customers
a better experience…because
being easy-to-do-business-with
is better for all of us!

We have a firm belief that independent rep groups need to evolve and change constantly to stay ahead of industry trends while adding more value to our clients and manufacturing partners.  LevelWest provides services and solutions designed for the areas where you want to make an impression.

David Logsdon




A Southern Californian at heart, David has experienced most aspects of the contract interiors industry over the past 25+ years, focusing on providing creative deliverables and embracing fresh perspectives. “Doing what we say we will do” is at the heart of the team he is building, allowing their customers and partners to rely on LevelWest as a preferred resource in the market.

  • considers himself quite witty, and every once in awhile others think so as well
  • once made a living shearing sheep in Australia
  • avid triathlete and soccer player. Kicking a soccer ball while riding a bike would be the BEST SPORT EVER!
  • creating in the kitchen is his hobby and he’s never met a Barefoot Contessa recipe that wasn’t absolutely fabulous!
  • doesn’t usually wear a watch but is compulsive about being on time
  • his wife and two kids are the priority in his life, but his Mini-Schnauzer is a very close second

Leza Hutchinson

San Diego Market Specialist



With over 25-years in the contract furniture industry in San Diego, Leza loves helping designers and dealers create amazing spaces while aiding in meeting budgets and timelines. Leza goes above and beyond the standard expectations of an Independent Rep, with her personal motto reading “My job is to make your job easier”.

  • loves creating – never met a craft she didn’t like
  • has a sweet spot for sweets (especially cake with buttercream frosting, soft chocolate chip cookies, and toffee)
  • takes “having fun” seriously
  • secretly wants to be a stand-up comedian
  • proud wife, mom to two daughters and Mimi to three granddaughters

Samantha Yvonne

A+D Specialist, OC



Samantha is a Southern California native, born and raised. Her industry experience has given her the opportunity to develop creative, impactful, and functional environments for schools, labs, hospitals and more. At LevelWest, Samantha works side-by-side with architects and designers to bring their vision to life, ensuring a positive and smooth experience from start-to-finish.

  • has family in Scotland and loves visiting them whenever she has a chance
  • is a twin!
  • has a weakness for really good champagne
  • does art in her free time
  • is raising a little gentleman, which is her number one priority

Caden Logsdon

Spaces Specialist



Caden is no stranger to the industry; as the son of David Logsdon, Caden has been doing presentations, demos, and lunch-n-learns since the ripe ol’ age of 9. He’s a Southern California native, but spent the past handful of years in Austin, Texas polishing his sales skills in the fitness and nutrition fields. Caden is dedicated to using his sales and communication proficiencies to bring one of the easiest and most enjoyable customer experiences around.

  • dog-dad to Arnold Schnauzeneggar
  • nationally qualified Classic Physique Bodybuilder
  • California native, lived in Texas for half his life but realized the seafood there just wasn’t the same
  • went cageless shark diving (and it did NOT ease his fear of sharks)
  • walking encyclopedia of useless science fiction and comic book facts – and proud of it

Debora Gorka

Support Specialist



Debora’s extensive industry knowledge, experience, and detail orientation contribute to her customer service expertise. She is available, willing and ready to assist with any customer’s requests.

  • 14+ years of Customer Service in the Contract Office Furniture Industry
  • originally from Canada
  • grew up in the midwest but discovered that the Southern California climate was just about perfect
  • likes baking, reading and playing with granddaughters
  • favorite food is Italian food, especially pasta and anything chocolate
  • could probably live on chocolate pizza