curate feature

Curate is here to help make your space feel special! That can be anything from finding that once-in-a-lifetime item (eg., RV bar, Super Mario conference table, or just something you found on instagram), accessories that make the space feel comfortable (who wants to go shopping at local boutiques with us?!).


Have a specification that just isn't making the cut? Need the same aesthetic faster and for less money? Let us send you some options.


Specification Package: Scrub That Spec

​Curate is here to ensure your concept always comes in on-budget. Send us your entire spec package. We'll scrub it to evaluate what we would suggest to save you enough money to get everything you want.

specification packages

Vignettes: Concept to Specification

Need to bring a concept to life by specifying products that come on time and within budget? Let's find your perfect solution!