Our Level Spaces specialists are here to add value in the sometimes confusing world of acoustics and architectural products. With knowledge of how these tools work together to enhance a space, we are here to help make it easy.

Sean Gilligan

Brand Manager



With a focus on the ABC’s of acoustics, Sean is a great partner to help take the confusion out of the architectural and acoustic products of our industry.

  • podcast fanatic
  • extremely competitive table tennis player
  • gourmet donut junkie
  • considers Bob Seger the most underrated musician of all time

Cory Johnson




Cory thrives on happy customers and enjoys building strategy, teams, and processes to help customers achieve their goals. Cory’s focus on setting lofty goals and pursuing them with passion and a “can-do” attitude has helped Level Reps build a reputation as a trusted partner to the contract interiors industry.

  • knows a lot of stuff
  • named Level Reps co-worker of the year on multiple occasions
  • ginger
  • likes ginger, uses ginger alot, also a ginger
  • proud husband, father, short-order cook
    lawn guy, laundry expert, general contractor
    and picker-upper of legos

Shea Uebelhor




With a mentality for staying ahead of industry trends and creating a great brand experience, Shea’s entrepreneurial mindset keeps Level Reps evolving into a dynamic resource that is looked at as a leader within the contract furniture community.

  • terrified of snakes and air turbulence
  • hates the movie “snakes on a plane”
  • colorblind and sufferer of fashion confusion
  • would rather be boating
  • enjoys working out once a month
  • proud husband & daddy